Handling Update Hotspots in Distributed Database Systems

Handling Update Hotspots in Distributed Database Systems Motivation Database systems must deal with the fact that real workloads often exhibit hotspots: Some items at certain times are accessed by concurrent transactions with high probability. This arises in telecoms, sensing, stock trading, shopping, banking, and numerous applications. Some are as simple as counting events, such as user votes or advertisement impressions in Web sites. Some of these applications, such as prepaid telco plans, selling event tickets, or keeping track of remaining inventory, in addition to counting, also need to enforce a bound invariant, that ensures that the quantity being tracked does not […]

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There is always one more data bug

There is always one more data bug If we, as data scientists, receive a dataset from a reliable source, we should go ahead with the analysis (classification, clustering, deep learning, etc), right? Well, yes, that’s what most of us (myself included) often do, especially if there is a tight deadline. However, this could be dangerous. Let me describe some rude awakenings I suffered over the past decades, as well as remind you some fast and easy preventive measures.   Examples (a.k.a. horror stories) E1 Geographical data Two decades ago, we got access to a public dataset of cross-roads in California, […]

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Protecting the Security and Privacy of AIDA and its Data

Protecting the Security and Privacy of AIDA and its Data Adapting the RAID platform comes with many security and privacy issues that need to be addressed. These issues appear mainly due to the transition to an edge architecture, which imposes the use of computation resources at the edges of the network, but also due to the need of supporting multiple tenants and network slicing with 5G technology. As mobile phones connect and disconnect, the network is always changing, requiring adaptation and monitorization tools to be used to maximize resources. And since the complexity of the system increases, attackers have more […]

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