The Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education meets AIDA


Manuel Heitor, the Portuguese Minister for Science, Technology and Higher Education, visited Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh, where he was presented with the AIDA project and its main goals and challenges. 


Heitor, during his visit, met with several faculty and students and attended three different workshops. The workshops were focused on addressing the themes of the Program’s Large-Scale Collaborative Research Projects, one of which was led by by Pedro Ferreira (IntelligentCare), together with Christos Faloutsos from AIDA, Asim Smailagic from TAMI, and Carmel Majidi from Wow. Improving Machine Learning and Applications in Healthcare was the main topic of the workshop.


Heitor’s visit was centered around strengthening the cooperation between Portugal, Carnegie Mellon University, and Industry through the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program. 


The two day visit allowed the Minister to learn more about the recent achievements of the CMU Portugal Program directly from the sources, regarding different areas. 

The list of participants as well as the organized workshops, including AIDA’s,  can be found here.