AIDA has started

The kickoff meeting of the AIDA project took place on May 5 2020 via a virtual platform, with approximately 20 participants from  four academia and industry partners.


The main objective of the $2M project is improving a platform used by Mobileum for integral risk management in companies. This platform ensures revenue, corporate conditions and fraud control for companies. “Managing risks and assuring business continuity, in an interconnected online digital world, where massive amounts of data are exchanged in real time, demands an equally disruptive approach where artificial intelligence, 5G and edge computing, in hybrid cloud architectures are key technological enablers”, said Raul Azevedo, AIDA’s Research Manager. “With AIDA project, Mobileum will be building the foundations for its next generation risk management product line, aiming to maintain its leadership in the fraud management and revenue assurance space”, he added.


In this sense, the main result from the AIDA project is, therefore, the prototype of what Mobileum envisages as the next generation of the RAID platform. It’s important to mention that a complete prototype of AIDA will be deployed and demoed by the end of the project in a realistic scenario in the sector of the telecommunication services.


The project will be implemented over 30 months and it’s structured according to seven activities. During this meeting, the partners responsible for each of the project’s activities had the opportunity to present the goals and targets, and what is expected from each of the participating institutions.