AIDA researchers presented a paper at PaPoC Workshop 2021

Researchers from the AIDA project presented a new paper at the 8th Workshop on Principles and Practice of Consistency for Distributed Data, which took place online, on April 26, together with EuroSys 2021.

The article is entitled “Totally-Ordered Prefix Parallel Snapshot Isolation” and it provides transactional SQL semantics (i.e., NewSQL) in novel database systems, facilitating the migration of applications. TOPSI is a new algorithm for transaction isolation that avoids waiting for remote updates or using a stale snapshot. This is particularly useful in distributed cloud/edge database systems where wide-area communication or transient connectivity issues would severely impact the ability to access recent data thus improving throughput and data freshness.

The authors of this paper are Nuno Faria and José Pereira, from INESC TEC.