AIDA paper develops tool for time-based Moving Target Defense (MTD) evaluation

 The most recent paper of AIDA project, entitled “PyMTDEvaluator: A Tool for Time-Based Moving Target Defense Evaluation”, was presented at the 32nd International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE 2021), which was held between 25-28 October, 2021 in Wuhan, China.


PyMTDEvaluator is a tool for time-based Moving Target Defense (MTD) evaluation. It allows analyzing and comparing different alternatives for MTD scheduling, thus supporting the decision-making process for the MTD deployment. PyMTDEvaluator provides a friendly interface and is open-source. Users can feed it with inputs to obtain information to answer questions, such as: what MTD frequency can maintain the probability of attack success under 50% in the first 4 hours of attack? What MTD policy imposes less than two hours of annual downtime? During an attack, can the system deliver at least 40% of its capacity to benign users? PyMTDEvaluator aims to be part of the toolset for MTD policies design. It is also valuable for sensitivity analysis of MTD-enabled system parameters.


The authors of this paper are Matheus Torquato, Paulo Maciel e Marco Vieira, from University of Coimbra.