AIDA organizes workshop on Secure FunctiON ChAining and FederaTed AI


The 1st International Workshop on Secure FunctiON ChAining and FederaTed AI (SONATAI) was held virtually on January 8th 2022, and was co-located with CCNC (2022) with the support of AIDA and Universidade de Coimbra.  


With a big focus on creating a forum for researchers and engineers to present and discuss solutions, new ideas and results, authors were invited to submit papers with novel research contributions, addressing edge and cloud continuum, service function chaining and federated AI. 


Nuno Faria, Daniel Costa, José Pereira, Ricardo Vilaça, Luís Ferreira and Fábio Coelho are the authors of AIDA’s new paper presented at the workshop. “AIDA-DB: A Data Management Architecture for the Edge and Cloud Continuum” is an aggregation of research work in data management into a flexible and scalable architecture applied to the Edge-Cloud continuum. Its key points are efficient data transfer between the Edge and the Cloud and the scalability of Edge devices that must operate under strong guarantees and high-availability.


The workshop’s program was composed of several keynote speakers, a Q&A discussion and and 5 papers were presented. Check the full program here