Activity 6

Results Dissemination


Start: May 2020

End: October 2022

Goal: This activity will define and enforce the communication, dissemination and exploitation of the project’s results.

For that, this task will coordinate and organize the activities to be performed for the promotion and dissemination of BigHPC and its results. The communication and dissemination plan aims at raising awareness about the project’s results as widely as possible. This task will deploy a strategy that combines online and offline communication strategies and tools, analytics tools, advertising campaigns, content marketing with stakeholders among other efforts. 

To this end, the communication actions of the project will be supported by high-quality standardised promotional material, which will be used in all dissemination activities that will be done during the project execution. 

This plan will contain a range of targeted messages to promote the project activities and benefits, which will evolve throughout the lifetime of the project and will be (each time) tailored to the target audience in different channels.


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